This past week was the "ICE" week in the Begley family.  The boys went to see ICE with Grandad, Gigi and their cousins on Wednesday night.  While they were in ICE Emily, Zac, Michael and I (and Will) had dinner in the food court.

I forgot to send gloves and hats for the boys.  It was 9 degrees in there so they about froze to death.

After ICE, they rode the carousel.

On Saturday, we went back to ICE with Gran and Heather.  This time Michael and I went in to.  I also remembered to pack gloves and hats.

We also decided to take Will in.  I wore him in the Tula and zipped him up in the coat.  He slept most of the time. 

I was amazed at ICE. It was so beautiful.  

After ICE we went to the Opryland Hotel to the Build-a-Bear workshop.  As we were walking in Sam stopped walking and acted like he was having a panic attack/nervous breakdown/hyperventilating.  It scared me a little bit, but it passed pretty quickly.  While we were picking out our bears, it started again.  So Michael, Will, Sam and I left to take Sam to the after hours clinics. Turns out he had a virus and it hurt his throat to cough - so he was trying not to cough - which caused him to look like he was having a panic attack. 

Finn stayed and built a bear.  He really enjoyed it.  He made a "Stormtrooper."  Then he went to dinner with Gran and Heather.