Long Hollow Christmas

Last weekend we were very busy with church Christmas parties.  On Friday night we went for the Deacon's Christmas party. They had the party in the sanctuary and we sat with Dustin and Elena.  The entertainment for the evening was a husband and wife drama team.

On our way home we stopped at the Christmas tree for a picture.  You can never get a picture on Sunday mornings because it is so packed in the gathering area.

On Saturday our 7th grade girls Sunday School class met at Elena's house for a Christmas Pajama Party.  We had a great time. We all brought food and Elena provided a hot chocolate bar.  Everything was going as planned until the girls decided they wanted to go Christmas Caroling.  So, in near freezing temperatures we trudged through Elena's neighborhood in our pajamas to sing.  Once outside the girls realized that they didn't know all the words to most Christmas carols.  They decided on "Jingle Bell Rock" - because 50% of them knew it.  The other 50% read the words off their phones.  We were a sight. I ask, isn't the point of caroling to spread the good news of Jesus?  Instead, our Sunday School class spread "Jingle Bell Rock." 

Sunday was the "Long Hollow Christmas" service.  It was incredible.  We let Finn and Sam come to service with us.  Sam loved it because they did an interactive story from Genesis through Malachi. (The message was on the 400 years of silence from Malachi to Matthew). They blew water soluble mist into the whole room and used the four walls of the sanctuary to show pictures of creation/flood/etc. There was also audio of the voice of God speaking the scriptures.   Sam loved it.  A few days later, whilst on the potty, he asked me when we could go listen to God speak again.  Then he asked me why God didn't speak to him out loud.  Then he asked me "if Jesus doesn't have a beginning, how can he be God's son?" It was a very serious potty break that ended in me trying to explain the trinity to a four year old.