Christmas Party and Christmas Pictures

This weekend was busy!  On Friday night we had our Small Group over for a Sunday School Christmas party.  I felt like a real adult!  I used my Lenox Christmas China, made cider, and made homemade lasagna.  We had about 20 people over eating and playing games - really fun games.  It was so much fun.

The next morning we went over to Gran's for Christmas pictures. Finn and Sam were already there because they spent the night with Gran.  Michael, Will and I overslept and were late - of course.   Gran had bought all the boys Christmas pajamas.  Sharon took the pictures in front of a white background - they are going to be gorgeous!

Afterwards Gran took us all to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

Later that evening Michael and I went to Pinewood Social for Carissa's Birthday party.  I had coffee and fried broccoli. It was so good. 

The party goers:  Jeremy, Martha, Michael, Me, Brandon, Carissa, Chase, Lindsey, Taylor and Ryan.

Gran stayed home with Will. I snuck up on them and took this picture.

On Sunday I went back to Nashville to have brunch with Mat Pauley and Dawn at Kitchen Notes.  I haven't seen either Mat or Dawn in six (6) years so it was nice to catch up. I took Will with me and he was pretty good.  I did end up having to leave a little early when he got fussy.

When I got back from breakfast Sam and I made gingerbread cookies for his "special snack."  Finn cut the cookies out and Sam sprinkled them - whilst topless.

Finn and his dough ball.  I won't even mention what he "pretended" this ball of dough to be.