While riding in the car this week, Sam got really mad at me over something very insignificant.  He whined and fussed and called me all sorts of PG names.  I don't know what I did to conjure such disappointment in Sam, but he made it known that he was quite upset with me.  Finn, beginning to tire of Sam's whining, took matters into this own hands.  He looked at Sam, shook his head in a slow, deliberate and dramatic fashion and said, "Sam, you will reap what you sew."

It got cold this week - so Will got to wear his "header" for the first time.

Finn was so excited about this inaugural event that he begged me to take a picture of he and Will. 

This has been  really difficult week.  Michael had mediation training every day this week on the other side of Nashville. He was gone early in the morning and didn't get home until later in the evening. This meant that I parented all three (3) boys for a majority of the week. As a result, the boys received sub par parenting.  Case in point - Sam and the boppy.  Sam decided that he needed to sit on top of the counter in the boppy. 

While Sam was pretty proud of his achievement, his crowning moment of the evening came when he and Finn played "Santa and his Sled." Finn was Santa and Sam was a Reindeer.  They were hilarious scooting through the house.  Sam moving at the speed of molasses due to the weight of Finn's body, and Finn spurring him on with the sounds of "Heigh Ho."  Not only that, Finn used Sam's waist band as the reigns.  This meant that Sam's full bottom showed every time that he made any forward progress. (I tried very hard not to get a picture of Sam mooning the camera.  

The next night they decided to have an indoor camp out.  Finn put the tent up and built a fire (he used red jammies).  Then he rolled up socks and put them on the end of his arrows so that he and Sam could roast marshmallows.  When it was time for them to "pretend" sleep, I made lots of different animal sounds so that they could "pretend" be scared. They were so precious.