Slumber Party and March of the Wooden Soldiers

On Friday night, Nana came over for a slumber party with the boys.  The plan was to eat sweets and watch "The March of the Wooden Soldiers."  

Before doing so the boys made cookies. They told me that they wanted to make cookies with Nana, so I prepared the dough and left them to do the decorating. 

See how carefully and thoughtfully Finn sprinkles the decorations onto the cookies. 

Now, watch as Sam puts the same amount of thought and care into his sprinkle placement. 

After cookies, mom blew up the air mattress and they all watched the movie in front of the Christmas tree.  The boys watched the whole movie. And, they weren't afraid of the "boogie men." 

Will has learned to stick out his tongue.  He does it all the time now. 

Michael and I went to dinner and a movie during the slumber party.  Upon our return, we saw that Will had joined the slumber party.