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First Day of Kindergarten

Today was Finn's first day of Kindergarten!  I woke him up at 6:30 to get him ready for school.  Of course he would sleep in on his first day.  Typically he is bugging us to get up by 5:30.   When I was able to wake him, he looked over at the clock and said, "but mom, it is only 6:00."  (he only knows how to read and comprehend the hour; not the minutes).  I then go into my "Finding Nemo"  FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL chant.  Finn already believes me to be totally uncool.

For breakfast he opted for pancakes in the car.  All the better for me because I had more time to get ready.

What school day picture would be complete without Roman Reigns and the Beast Incarnate. 

His first uniform.  I had him all polished and tucked him.  He looked neat as a pin.  When we arrived at school I noticed that the other kids in his class were untucked and in tennis shoes.  I set poor Finn up for ridicule.  I thought he looked so precious though. I asked him about it later that afternoon and he told me that he wanted to continue to tuck his shirt in. 

This was technically Sam's first day too.  

Finn asking where his pancakes are.

His superhero backpack with "Paddington Bear" keychain.

The worst part about Finn's school is the location - the traffic down Long Hollow and New Shackle was awful!  It took us about 25 minutes to get to the building.

When we pulled into the parking lot the first person that we ran into was Ms. Sonya.  I was so happy to see her. To my horror - Sam acted completely indifferent. 

Typically they like for the parents to drop the kids off at the door and let them walk independently into the room.  They made an exception for us today.

I walked in with Finn and he put his bag in his cubby.

Next he found his seat.  He was so happy when he saw his pencil box inside his desk.  Then it was time for goodbyes.  Michael and I both hugged him at his desk.  Finn's eyes started to glisten and I knew he was about to cry.  He was really tough though.  Every time he looked like he was on the edge, he would smile or laugh.  I think that he was holding in for me because he could tell that I was about to cry too.  As I was walking out of the room I heard a very panicked "MOM!"  I turned around expecting to see Finn start an epic breakdown, but instead he just waved at me and said "bye mom, love you."  Again, he looked liked he might cry, but he held it in.  

Finn's teacher  - Ms. Raymer. 

As for Sam, he spent his first day of K-3 with me.  He still can't or won't put any weight on his left leg.  He isn't walking at all, so we didn't want to subject his teacher to what could really be a horrible day.  We prefer to make a good impression if at all possible. 

Instead, Sam, a.k.a, the gimp, came to work with me.  I had court at 9:00 so Sam came too.  He sat quietly in the jury box and flipped through pictures on my phone while I had a short hearing.  He was mostly quiet, except one time he accidentally set off my "Siri" and Siri can be rather loud. Every so often I could hear him whisper.  He gave a thorough description of every picture that he thumbed through.  

After court we went home and Sam sat on the couch and rested his leg until naptime. 

After naps we went to pick Finn up.  All of the kids were standing outside in a line.  When a parent showed up, a lady with a bullhorn would call for the child.  It really went quite smoothly.  Mrs. Raymer told me twice how great Finn was.  

When we got in the car I asked Finn if he liked Kindergarten better than Preschool and he said, "way better."  He did mention that he missed Mrs. Cindy though. 

He was really excited about his first day.  He told me all about it on the way to Sonic  He told me that because he was so good his teacher selected him to be line leader all day.  He told me about lunch and that he saw Caleb (from the Gallatin campus) in the bathroom, and that he did really good on his coloring page.  He told me that they talked about "self control" in class and that they went over all the rules.   He was so excited to tell me this stuff - I wish so badly that I had it on video. 

After Michael got home we took the boys to Zaxby's and then for ice cream. We were all exhausted by the time we got home.  

So thankful for a good day. 


  1. He looked so cute in his uniform. I'm glad that they have to wear them because they look so neat. Such a brave boy, I cried for a week when I started first grade.


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