When You're in Love

On Friday, I was up before the boys (which means it was before daylight, I had told Finn that he had to wait until daylight to come out of his room, unless he had to go to the bathroom) , Finn knocked on the door as I was getting out of the shower. I quickly dressed and went to the kitchen to get breakfast for the boys. They had Lucky Charms and fresh fruit. Then I helped them get dressed, Finn wears a uniform this year so he could only choose socks and underwear, I had lots of fun dressing Sam and asking him which shirt and shorts he liked best. When it came time to choose underwear Batman always won over Superman and they wore Jurassic Park socks all week. The morning was going along great and it was time to hop in the car so as I got my coffee I told the boys "lets Rock and Roll", (we always say that when it's time to go) without missing a beat, Finn looked at me and said, "Gran, why are you still in your pajamas?" I tried to explain to Finn that I was just wearing casual yoga pants and a T'shirt because I didn't  have to go anywhere after I dropped them off and would just be home doing chores all day. He said "ok", but still seemed a little bewildered at my appearance. I guess its time to update my wardrobe. Everything was going so well, the boys were watching PawPatrol as we drove to school and Little Sam was just laughing out loud at the funny things on the program. We pulled into the parking lot and I got out to help Sam out of his seat when I noticed he was suddenly very sad. I told him he would be fine and what a fun day he was going to have as we walked to his class but when I hugged him goodbye he just cried! I was not ready for that! I took Finn to his class and barely got to the car before I started crying, it was terrible! I just wanted to go back and get him but knew from all the years of working in preschool that I couldn't.

The day flew by and before I knew it I was on my way to pick them up from school. This time I just parked and  as I was going in Finn came out and together we went in to get Sam. He was all smiles and eager to get in the car to watch PawPatrol. I decided to take them to their house and prepare dinner while they played in hopes that it would head off any homesickness. They were so excited, as soon as they got in they played with their WWE toys and Finn played video games. I made spaghetti and cleaned up while they played outside. On the way home while watching PawPatrol Finn got very serious and said, "Gran, theirs something you need to know." I said, " what is it Finn" and he said,"the pink and the blue are in love". I was a little confused then I asked him if he was talking about PawPatrol? He said yes, so I asked him, "how do you know they are in love?" and he said, "I just do". So I pushed a little more and said," how can you tell if they are in love, maybe they are are just good friends?" He assured me that they were definetly in love, and that "when people say they are worried about you, that means they love you." At this point I was being careful not to laugh because he was very serious, but I just had to ask if Pink and Blue were going to get married and he quickly explained that since they were dogs, they would not get married.

When we got home we ate ice cream sandwiches and took a quick shower (Sam did not cry any) then watched Tangled. We went to bed a little later since it was and both of the boys fell asleep in the middle of our story.