Gran and the Case of the Red Tomatoes

On Thursday morning I went over to Pick-up Erin and the boys. First we stopped at HCA to drop the boys off , then I took Erin to the airport. I spent the day with Aunt Sharon helping her pack for NC. And by helping I mean, playing with and holding little Henry, It's a tough job, but, I am his Gran so I struggled through it. LOL! Just look an this sweet boy!

I went straight to HCA from Sharons to get the boys, I was about 15 minutes early and the line for car riders was already started. Once the classes began to dismiss it moved very quickly and in no time I was picking up Finn. I asked him where we went to get Sam and he said we had to go in so I parked and we went inside to his classroom. I was so happy to see them and we jumped in car and turned on PawPatrol (that's the movie we had playing in the car).

Once we got home, I told the boys they could play outside while I prepared dinner. They were playing on the patio tree when Finn came to get me to show me something he had found. It was a rather large bird nest! We tried to get up high enough to see the top of it but we couldn't.

While I was outside with them I decided to show them the tomato plants. We walked over to see if we had any red tomatoes and we did have three! I picked them and Finn asked me about all the green ones, I explained that we could only eat the red ones.

We had dinner and Finn didn't want to eat his broccoli and I told him he only had to have a small piece of it, then he could have his ice cream so he ate it right up.                                                                                                                                          

After dinner they went out and played some more while I cleaned up. It seems that Batman and Spiderman were trapped by dirt, Both of the Spidermans were able to escape, but Batman didn't make it.