President Lincoln

After picking the boys up from school I took a look in Finn's folder and saw that his Bible verse for the week is Roman 3:23.  I asked Finn to say it for me and he quoted the verse and finished by saying "Romans 3:23."  Sam then says "just like Roman Reigns."  I got so tickled.

When we got home we went over Finn's school work and then we played Candyland.  Sam actually knows how to play now.

After our game the boys played outside while I made supper.  Finn made the comment last year to Ms. Cindy that he really liked soft tacos and that he wanted her (Ms. Cindy) to ask me to make them at home.  Well tonight Finn got his wish.  I made soft tacos with ground buffalo meat and the boys loved them.

After dinner the boys asked to watch Rocky so I turned on Rocky IV.  During the final fight, Finn started asking me about the members of the Polit Bureau. I explained that one of the men was the President of Russia.  I then asked Finn if he knew who the President is.  He said, "yes" in such a way that he sounded offended that I even asked.  Then he said, "The President of the United States is Abraham Lincoln."  I explained that at one point Abraham Lincoln was the President, but that our current President is Barack Obama.  Finn thought about it for a second and said, "sounds a little like Brock Lesner."  

After a brief and cursory explanation of the Cold War, Finn went upstairs and put on a pair of blue shorts and a white shirt. He then explains that he is wearing blue and white which are "most of the colors of America."  Then he started his fake match with his fake Russian opponent. 

As a result of all the punching, the boys were completely tuckered out.  This is how I found them.