Fun Days with Gran

This is the in summary that I had with Finn and Sam while Michael and Erin were in Reno.

Erin didn't officially leave town until Thursday, but, she had a meeting Wednesday afternoon so I picked the boys up from school and we headed to Kroger to stock up for the upcoming week.
As soon as we got in the door they both begged for one of the car shopping carts.I didn't think that they could both fit in it, but they squeezed in and had a blast shopping for things they wanted me to buy. Occasionally, they would hop out to sample something, then hop right back in the car. Sam was very particular about wearing his seat belt at all times and would unfastened it to get out,then refasten it when he got back in,it was so cute !
When we got to the check out, they each got a helium balloon. This is a picture I took in the parking lot.