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Thanks to a shooting over Exit 7 on Vietnam Veteran's Blvd, it took 2 and half hours to get the boys to school yesterday.  I noticed that something was a little off when traffic from the "Beech" side of Long Hollow Pike was backed up past the entrance to our neighborhood.  I chuckled to myself and thought, those poor chumps.  About one minute later I hit the same abhorred traffic going the other direction. I called the school and learned that the Vietnam Vets was closed!

The traffic looked like an "end of times" movie.  About an hour in the boys had had enough! They were picking at each other, whining and intermittently crying.  I felt the same way - but as the only adult in the car, I had to hold it together.  Then the screaming started.  It was so loud and awful that I started screaming at the boys to get them to stop screaming.  Consistent parenting - wouldn't you say.

I may have mentioned that Finn is what I call a "quitter."  If something gets too hard he is the first to give up.  On multiple occasions Finn would look at me through the rear view mirror and plead me with saying "Mom, just give up - please, give up and lets go home."

The only thing that appeased the boys was to yell "MOVE" at the car directly in front of us.  The boys thought that was really funny, and it surprisingly helped relieve my tension as well.  I'm sure we looked pretty silly.

I got the boys to school a little after 10:00.  Finn's teacher said that they were still waiting on other student's to get there. It was really awful.

On Thursday after school, we sat down to watch the last "Monday Night Raw" before "Summer Slam."  In honor of the event I put on my Suplex City shirt. Finn and Sam LOVED this.  They thought it was awesome.  Finn took so many pictures.  He posed me too.  He told me to look tough and strong.

After "Raw" I took the boys to McDonald's for dinner.  Finn wanted his picture taken with Ronald. Sam, being a better judge of creepiness, opted to stay as far away from Ronald as he possibly could. Since I hadn't showered in a couple of days we decided to eat outside to avoid being seen.  I'll tell you, nothing is classier than seeing a greasy headed, middle aged, women wearing a professional wrestling shirt while scarfing down McDonald's food.

On the way home the boys and I established an "air band" and jammed out to "Slumber" by NeedtoBreathe. Sam sang into an air microphone with all his heart and soul.  Finn, pretended his McDonald's straw was a brass horn.  To round out the band, the boys demanded that I play air piano with one hand.   We had a ball!

Finally, during breakfast this morning Finn issued a rather well worded threat to Sam.  Sam was apparently bothering Finn again.  This was Finn's response, "Sam, I'm having a bad day so you may just want to let me be."  I was quite impressed with the authoritative eloquence of Finn's warning. 


  1. Ok-The comment is hysterical but you are far from middle age!!


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