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Uganda 2015: Leaving Day

Just a quick post about the trip home.   Before leaving Kampala, we stopped to do a little shopping. I purchased a pair of elephant pants and bought "noise makers" for the boys.

Next we drove to Entebbe and ate lunch at Java.  It was well let and open.  Elena and I had a "nojito" which was Sprite, Lime Juice and Mint.

Then we stopped at a supermarket where I bought some G-Nuts (ground nuts).

Then it was off to the airport.  We said goodbye to the Tellmans.  We all loved the Tellmans, especially their oldest daughter Amanda.  One night as I was washing my socks in the kitchen sink sink and chatting with Amanda, Amanda told me, "I really miss socks - I haven't gotten socks in three years."  She said that when she got back to the States she wanted to get Nike or Puma socks.  As luck would have it, I had a nice, clean pair of Puma socks in my suitcase.  When she was away from the house, I put a pair in her room. She was so excited.

We were sad to see them go, but they will be in Hendersonville in mid-September for furlough.

Last group shot. 

We waited for 3 and half hours in the Entebbe airport - I journaled to pass the time.  Our first flight  was from Entebbe to Kenya.  On this flight Elena sat next to a woman from India.  They struck up a conversation and Elena was able to tell her about Jesus.  Our group sitting around Elena started to hear bits and pieces of what was going on and started to pray for her.  All around that little seat, people were praying.  I, being way up in front, had no idea this was going on.  I hate that I missed this.  I can barely think about it without getting choked up.

The lady with her back to the camera is the person that Elena talked to on the plane.  

Once we landed in Kenya, we changed into our sleeping clothes and waited and waited and waited. Finally it was time to board the flight to London.  This flight took about 8 hours.  I watched "Focus" - not very good and fell asleep during "Birdman." I slept for about an hour.  I sat next to Alyssa who literally slept the entire time.  I wanted to strangle her out of jealousy.

After spraying pesticide on us (while sitting in our seats) they served dinner - it was SO gross. I had fish casserole.  Let me rephrase, I had a bite of fish casserole.  It was between the casserole and lamb.  I really didn't want lamb out of a box.  Finn now laughs every time I even mention fish casserole because he thinks it sounds so awful.

We had a six hour layover in London, so we went to a nice sit-down restaurant for breakfast. I had coffee and an omelet - it was the BEST!  I sat with Elizabeth, Lauren and Amber.

I then went with Elena to try on makeup at the Bobbie Brown counter. The sales associate started to talking to us and we were able to talk with her about Jesus as well. Before leaving London, I bought the boys Paddington Bear key chains to put on their backpacks.

Then it was time to board the plane.  (Just an aside, I saw an Athleta model in the bathroom).

On our flight to Chicago I sat next to Amy and on the same row as Lauren and Roger.  We had a good time chatting.  I tried to sleep, but only managed an hour.  I was going completely nuts as it was my second eight hour flight and I was so restless. I was also completely unsure of what time it was. We had been up for so long and traveled through so many different time zones.

Okay, maybe I do get the "horseface" comment. 

Our last flight was from Chicago to Nashville.  On this flight I sat next to Paula G.

Overall we traveled 30 hours to get back home.

It was nice to be back in Nashville.  We all went to pick up our bags and meet our families.  Michael picked me up.  The boys stayed home with Gran and planned my party.

It was so nice to see Michael.  I think that I missed him more than I missed the kids.  We talked about the trip all the way home.  I learned more about Michael's trip during our conversation than he told me when he got back.  I guess because we had shared an experience and we were actually about to talk about it together.

 When I got home the boys were waiting at the door.  They attacked me ferociously with hugs and kisses.  I had already prepared myself for the possibility that the boys would not be excited to see me - out of sight, out of mind.  But the preparation was all for naught.  They hung onto me the entire night.  It was so wonderful.

They had prepared a welcome home party with pizza and flowers.  Finn was so excited to show me his hard work.  It was a great party!

Finn with his noise maker. 


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