The Bathroom Blues

Sunday morning Finn and Sam came down and crawled in bed with me and we snuggled and talked for a few minutes. (I have decided that being woke up each morning with these sweethearts is one of my favorite things in life! They are just precious!) We had Dinosaur oatmeal for breakfast, then we brushed our teeth and I got them dressed for church. I turned on the cartoons for them to watch while I showered and got myself ready. When we all ready, I asked them to stop on the patio to take a picture. They both posed wonderfully and then Finn wanted to take a silly picture so I said okay. It was really cute. 

Once we got to church , I turned off the car, and we had the talk- you know, all about being polite, shaking hands, giving hugs, sitting quietly and not running in church. Sam and Finn agreed that they would remember the rules and off we went. We sat on the front row, and the boys were absolute angles! They stood for the music and prayers and turned to proper page in the song book each time. When the offering was taken they each gave the money that I had given them. Once Tim began to preach, I handed each of them an invisible ink coloring book, They sat quietly and colored Scooby Doo and Ninja Turtles until we sang the invitation song. They spoke, shook hands, and gave some wonderful hugs then we headed out for lunch and Aunt Nellie's house.

After much debate we decided to go to Chilis for lunch. We didn't want to wait for a table and there was an open booth in bar so we took it. ( I know it was bad, but I had two very hungry boys) The service was terribly slow and our server said they were working as fast as they could but were short handed and that even the manager was in the kitchen working. I told her not worry, but when she brought my salad my grilled chicken was cold and tasted raw! I sent it back and just ordered our desert.Finn and Sam had cheeseburgers and they seemed fine and that was all that really mattered. They both wanted vanilla milkshakes and I got a cookie monster. As we were eating Sam announce that he needed to go poop! So I flagged our waitress and told her that we were not leaving, just going to the bathroom and she said she would hold our seat for us. Once we were in the bathroom I told Finn to go so I wouldn't need to make a second trip. There were three stalls and someone was in the last one. I got Sam on the potty and stepped out to hold his door, (he likes his privacy). Finn was finished quickly and he and the other lady came out and were washing their hands when two other ladies came in. Just as the other two ladies got in their stalls Sam says in a very loud voice, "Hey Gran, I really have to poop a lot!" I answered back reassuringly, that I was proud of him for telling me he needed to go potty. A few minutes later, he let out this long moan and said again in a very loud voice, "I really do have to poop!" I was try not to laugh and talking through the door asked if need me to come in with him? He answered back and said, "no, I'm still not done". Finn and I were trying not to laugh  out loud as well as the lady washing her hands. Just then in a loud voice Sam let out the biggest groan! We all lost it even the ladies in the stall next to him were laughing out loud! I know he wasn't trying to be funny but we were all just about to die of laughter! The ladies came out and then Sam announced that he was all done. I helped get his pants up and he came out, looked at the ladies washing their hands and said, "I did a good job". They all thought he was adorable! It was no doubt the funniest bathroom experience of my life!

When we got back to our table both boys wanted to sit in my lap so they piled on and we decided to take a selfie and send it to Mommy and Daddy! They received it and sent one back! The boys loved it! We paid our bill and headed to Aunt Nellie's.

When we got to Aunt Nellie's the boys gave her big hugs and sang three songs for her- Jesus Love Me, If Your Happy and You Know It, and This Little Light. They also said their memory verses, Sam said Genesis 1;1 and Finn said Romans 3:23 and John 3:16. We showed Aunt Nellie pictures we took on the playground and then took some pictures with her. She just loved having the boys there and said that Michael and Erin sure were doing a great job raising them, and that they were the most well behaved children she had ever seen! That's a complement coming from someone who is 98 years old! And I agree 100%!

When we got home we took baths when Mommy and Daddy called to say hi. The whole time they talked all Sam would say was, " when are you coming home"? I felt bad for him and Michael and Erin, even though we were having so much fun, little Sam just wanted everyone back home. After we hung up I noticed that Michael had sent a workout picture so we sent one back!

After we got our pajamas on I asked the boys what they would like to do and Finn sid he would like to paint,cut and glue. So I got out our art bag and let them make whatever they wanted to. Finn is confidant in his ability to create some exceptional art. He doesn't need any direction at all. Sam was very excited about the idea of painting but was only using water. Once I showed him how to get paint on his brush he took off and never looked back. We had the timer set for 45 minutes. when it went off we cleaned up and had a snack. The boys decide that since Mommy was coming home soon they would give her the art work they made. We read a story and said prayers and went to sleep.