Sunday morning we took the boys to the pool one last time before school starts.

Finn going a wrestling move into the water.

This Sunday was "move up" Sunday at church.  Sam started a new class in the preschool area and Finn moved upstairs to the children's area. Finn was fine with his new classroom, but Sam was pretty apprehensive.

Midway through Sunday School, someone from the preschool area came to get me out of class. She told me that while Sam was climbing on one of the play area trees, Sam got his leg stuck in a hole. He then lost his balance and fell, twisting his left leg and ankle in an very awkward position.  When I got to his room, I found Sam sitting on a little chair, with people all around him and tears running down his face.  The nurse and pharmacist recommended that if he doesn't stop crying in a about an hour to take him to the ER.

Well, he didn't calm down at all - he got worse.  When I handed him off to Michael, he started screaming and shaking.  Every time his leg moved at all he trembled all over and cried.  We decided to go ahead and take him since school was starting the next day.  We knew it wasn't broken because he did put some weight on it down in the preschool area.  But given that he refused to walk, we wanted to make sure before we sent him to school the next morning.  

Sam squalled the entire way to the ER, when we were walking into the ER, while we were talking to the nurses, etc.  The second the doctor walked in, Sam stopped crying and said, "I feel better now." WHAT!!!

The doctor ordered an X-ray of Sam's leg.  Uncle James took Finn and Michael home so that Finn could go ahead and get in bed.  We had no idea how long we would be at the ER.

Finn took this picture.

Sam did great during his X-ray.

Look how long he looks.

Since he didn't fuss or cry, the nurse gave Sam, what Sam named "Snuggle Bear."  We then practiced taking care of Snuggle Bear.

Well, Sam was diagnosed with "leg pain."  He still wouldn't put any weight on it, but he did stop crying. Overall it wasn't a bad visit. we were home by 9:00 p.m. and we knew for sure that he wasn't injured.  Hurt - yes, injured, no.