It Starts Young

Little boys are so weird.  The other day as Sam was using the bathroom, he looked down as his "mandhood" and excitedly proclaimed, "MOM! Look at my big wee!" Then he looked over at Finn and very objectively stated, "my wee is bigger that Finn's wee."  Finn was very offended at Sam's observation.

Sam is also, though I am unsure how, familiar with the word "boob."  The other day while I was taking his picture I said, "Sam, say cheese."  He smiles and calls out, "BOOBS!"

Friday was Sam and Finn's last day of Summer Camp.  They will both start school at the Hendersonville Campus next Monday.  I was a little sad knowing that we will never be going back to the Gallatin Campus.  We stopped and got a card for Ms. Cindy and doughnuts for the class.