Back to Gran's

I got the boys back today at 3:30. Nana met me at the square and we did the switch. The boys were so excited about their "tatoos". Nana had covered them in the children's tattoos that had Star wars and Superhero characters.

We left and went to visit Aunt  Nellie. Will let Valorie hold him for the first time! Sam and Finn said Bible verses and sang some songs for her, she loved seeing them !

We took some fun pictures. Then Sam wanted to take silly face pictures.

When we left, we stopped by ┼╣axbys and got food and milkshakes.  When we got home we found Uncle David and Aunt Sharon along with Henry and Mason! It was a full house and we all had fun eating dinner and playing!

When Uncle David and Aunt Sharon left I fed Will some sweet potatoes with chicken and some pears.  Afterwards we took baths and went to bed. The main  topic of discussion was about seeing Mom and Dad  tomorrow! I have tried to strike a balance between the excitement and reminding them that we don't know for sure what time the plane will land so they don't get upset if their are flight   delays.