Day 2 at Casa Gran's

We forgot to take a morning picture today so the pictures will be just after we dropped the boys off for school. I needed to get some things from the store so Will and I headed to Walmart. I took him by to see the fish. HE LOVED THEM!

After shopping Will a was ready to eat and have a nap. He enjoyed eating broccoli and rice, followed with a bottle.  He was barley able to stay awake to eat!

When we picked up Finn and Sam we went to water the flowers. We also  transplanted Finns Bean Sprout.  Sam was very excited to show me his Lighting McQueen Car that changes color when put into warm water! 
The unexpected yet hilarious thing was Will finding a bowl and pulling it off of the shelf!  He was So in thrilled with the way it rolled across the floor!  We were laughing so hard at him.

Next week went to see Aunt Nellie and Will did not let up!lol! He seemed to be certain that he needed her walker! We had fun taking sweet and silly face pictures!
When we left we got Hamburgers at Culver's since we  didn't have homework and I surprised Finn and Sam with a new movie!  Afterwards we took  baths and went to bed. It was a wonderful day!