Friday at Gran's House - Yes, Mom and Dad are still on Vacation

Well today was Friday and Finn and Sam were very excited about going home for the weekend! I completely forgot to take pictures of everyone before school but got some cute ones of Will playing when we came home. I decided to spend a little time picking up the boys room while Will played !

After his nap Will had a delicious lunch of yogurt, strawberries and pears. When he finished eating, he discovered that he could actually push his highchair around the room and proceeded to do so for quite some time!  He was very pleased with himself!

He finally went to play in living room and was looking at himself in the mirror when Kate walked by. He has followed her all over the house this week she loves him and always stays close by!

We left to pick up Finn and Sam and went to the house and waited for Nana. They were all soooo of excited to see her!