Last Day at Gran's House

It was our last day together, I knew I was going to miss having the boys here, but we were all excited in anticipation of mom and dad coming  home!

After I dropped Finn and Sam off at school James called and said he had to have babysitter so Will had someone to play with for the morning. I don't have many pics because, well, I only have two hands and every time I picked up the phone to take a picture  both boys tried to get it from me.
We played with cars, laptops, and stuffed animals. Cade was wonderful with little Will! He wanted to share everything he played with, he would hug Will when he thought he should and wanted to help him with everything. It was so sweet! Soon it was time for lunch, Will sat in the highchair and at everything I gave him. Cade played with Kate and Mickey while having bites of fruit and rice when he wanted one.

Afterwards both boys were ready for a nap, but I knew James was on his way to pick up Cade so I needed to stall two tired fussy boys. There was really only one option, bring out the vacuum cleaner! They both just Love the vacuum! It worked like a dream and my floors were clean

After Cade and James left I put Will down for a nap. He slept a long time and when he woke up he played with his love, I was able to get a picture before he saw me, it was adorable!

After we left school we headed to get haircuts . We stopped for pictures then went right in because we had to get to swim class.  Finn and Sam were happy to find that Giggles now has video games that they played while getting haircuts!

After we finished haircuts we headed over to swim class for Sam.  We were really early so I went in the swimshop to ask about classed for Will and Cade. I decided to let the boys play in the floor because little Will had been sitting a long time and was getting restless. He was having so much fun with his brothers, evidently too much fun, the lady that worked there reprimanded us so we left as soon as we could.

I had such fun with the boys and I am so thankful to have had them all week! They are all just my heart! What Great Blessings!