The Paleontologist and his Lovely Assistant

Last week at Grandparent's Day, Gran took Finn and Sam to the Book Fair at school and bought them a few books.  True to character, one of Finn's books was more of an activity than a book.  It was a paleontologist set complete with a big rock filled with dinosaur bones, a chisel and hammer, a brush for dusting away loose gravel and safety goggles (cause you never know when you might lose an eye digging for fake dinosaur bones.) The whole thing was really neat.  Finn dug out all of the bones and then he and Michael carefully put them together.

Here we have Finn doing his best to chisel with his cast on.

Finn even let Sam have a turn.  However, Finn would not give up his safety goggles - so Sam protected his eyes with his swimming goggles.

Finn's "lovely assistant."