This Week with Gran

The boys got ready for school this morning like champs!

We started our day at the Dr. Office.  Finn was very happy to hear that he could get a shorter cast! The Dr. Was concerned about him breaking the original one, and told him that he could not be active while wearing his cast and absolutely no field day activities!

He chose red for his new color!
After we dropped off at school, Will and I headed over to see Aunt Nellie. He hasn't been there since he's been crawling so I let him go to see how he would do. He spent adequate time exploring Aunt Nellie's room then discovered Melvas room! LOL! He had a fun morning!

He had half a cup of yogurt, bananas and blueberries for lunch!

Displaying output.jpg

He had fun looking at himself in the mirror!

When I picked up the boys were went to water the flowers.  We were so excited to see that they've sprouted!
We ended the day with  steak, broccoli, rice and Popsicles! The boys played with Will so I could water the flowers. We took baths and went to bed. It was a great day !