First Full Day in the Keys

I love Key West - really love it.  It is so laid back!  It is also not crowded at all - probably because school is still in.

I got up this morning and went down to the beach at around 9:00.  I brought my audio book and my fidget spinner and laid by the shore all morning.  At 11:30, Michael and I walked into town for lunch. The place we picked was closed so we walked back and had lunch in the room.

Afterward we sat by the pool with Dad, Gina and Elaine.

Then we went down to the water - then on to the pool.  The pool came complete with eucalyptus infused frozen towels.

This is what was right over our heads.

That evening we had dinner at "Seven Fish."  I had Mahi again - and it was delicious.  So far, all of the food has been great.

Next we went to watch the sunset at "Sunset Beach."

After the sunset, we walked into town and bought coffee.  It was a really good night.