Welcome Home

On Monday we packed up and left the Keys.  As always it was a sad moment for me.  I hate leaving vacations.  I took a few pictures of the property and then hopped in the rental car with Emily and Zac.

We stopped for lunch at Alabama Jack's again on the way to the airport.  It took 45 minutes for our food to arrive so I was scared that we would miss our flight.  Well, we didn't. We arrived in plenty of time to catch our very bumpy flight home. 

Once in town we went straight to Sea Star to meet Gran and the boys.  I was so excited to see them.  They seemed really excited to see us too. 

Sam was in the middle of swimming lessons, so he missed the picture. 

After class we got a quick bite at Casa and then we went back to the house. 

We showed the boys the shells we collected. 

And we gave them their t-shirts. 

Thank you Gran and Nana for keeping the boys so that we could have such a nice vacation.