Mr. Critical Thinker

Wednesday was Finn's last full day of class. To celebrate they had a class party, complete with a school wide treasure hunt.

Finn was part of the orange team with Pressley and Mady. Pressley's mom and I tagged along.

Finn loved the treasure hunt.  There were two rules: 1) no running and 2) you must stay with an adult. Finn was so excited that he had a hard time obeying the rules.  Finn is really competitive and this was right up his alley. 

When we got back to the classroom Mrs. Brigstock handed out class awards.  Finn's award was "The Critical Thinker" award.  Mrs. Brigstock described Finn as always prepared to argue is point, always planning one step ahead, and as the boy who can give 5 or 6 reasons why his answer/position is correct.  Sounds like Finn takes after his father! I think Finn was a little disappointed that he didn't get a "fun" award - but I was so proud. 

After the party, while everyone else was playing, Finn went up to Mrs. Brigstock and asked for a trash bag.  Then Finn went around to each table collecting the trash.  Next he went into the bathroom to empty the class bathroom trash.  After a few minutes, Finn's actions caught on and everyone in the class was helping to clean up.  I stood back and watched as Finn behaved like a little adult.  I was so proud of him.  Mrs. Brigstock told me that she would really miss Finn.  

Pretending to be Santa.