My Terrible Bruise

Last week, right before service started, I fell in the sanctuary and earned this nice little bruise.  While it looks awful, it doesn't hurt at all. Which seems strange to me, but what do I know  - I am not medically trained.

Anyway, I stood up to hug an old friend and as I was leaning in his direction, the back of my heel must have caught the leg of one of the chairs and I fell backwards - over the chair.  On my way down, Michael grabbed me under my arms to soften my fall.  However, because I was wearing a dress, this caused my dress to ride up and I am sure that that I showed my panties to everyone in the vicinity. Our Adult Sunday School Minister and his wife immediately started saying "We didn't see anything" over and over - which of course means that they did. To make matters worse, we sit on the fourth row - ergo, everyone behind me and in the balcony could see my fall.  Oh, and I was wearing bright orange - so I may as well have had a spotlight on me.  Words cannot describe how embarrassed I felt.  So I did the only logical thing that came to mind, I picked myself up, straightened my dress and gave a gracious curtsy.  

Will doing what he does best - being mad about something. There are two sure fire cures for Will's orneriness - give him a bottle - and it clearly doesn't matter where you give it to him.

And . . . the bathtub.  We should spend more time in the bathtub. 


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