Gran's - Day 3

Today started off great! I am ready to take these boys to raise! They are such loves! 
Finn got in bed with me earlier than usual last night. I think he got up to go potty and just decided to hop in my bed! He did tell me that he checked on Will before he got in the bed. He is such a sweet brother. When I got up I told Finn to continue to sleep so he did. He has  had such a bad cold and I have even given him allergy  medicine for a few nights,  his teacher even commented on how  much better he was today.

I had everything ready when everyone woke up at 6. Little Will is happy to greet a new day! 
I went to Walmart  yesterday to get something for Finn to play with during recess  since his Dr.  wants him to Not Play! I got him a hand held video game.  But,  I knew Little Sam would be heartbroken if I  didn't get something  for him so I got him a PJ mask car. I told the if they got ready early I would be able to give them their surprises. Of course they did and just let me say that they were so happy with their gifts! Sam insisted that I take a picture and send it to mom and dad!

Will took a big nap when we got home from dropping the boys off. He slept so long I got concerned! After 2 hours I really was nervous so I went up on the balcony a tried to zoom in with my camera to make sure that he was breathing.  That didn't work so I ended up just tip toeing next to his bed to make sure he was alright!
After lunch we headed over to visit Aunt Nellie. He was as happy as could be to see her and she loved being with him! I had sit him on the bed for a few minutes and he noticed that she had a little stuffed animal! She wanted me to let him play with it so I did, he loved it!