Mother's Day Weekend

On the Saturday before Mother's Day, the boys and I went to Manchester to spend the night with Nana and Papa.  Nana made a wonderful meal for us.  Will, Sam and I loved it. Finn picked at it like it was full of maggots.  After supper  we sat around while Finn showed us some of his favorite vidoes (Lava and Larva). 

We all stayed up until around 11:00 p.m.  Sam did the Maui dance for Nana and Papa. The boys slept with Nana and were so tired that they fell asleep during their story.  Will slept in the baby bed in Emily's room. 

The next morning, they were all up at the crack of dawn. I didn't get up until closer to 8:00. 

After breakfast (Papa got us donuts and biscuits) we got ready and headed to Sparta for church.  On our way out Jane and Roland stopped by and got to meet Will.  It was nice seeing them after all this time.  

We arrived at FBC Sparta at around 10:55 - plenty of time to find a seat for the 11:00 service. Or so we thought.  The service actually started at 10:30 - so we got there just in time for the sermon.  It was pretty crowded in the balcony so Finn sat behind me and Nana.  He was drawing/coloring and I didn't think he was listening to the sermon - so you can imagine my shock and delight when Finn decided that he would correct the preacher on his enunciation of "Baal."  During the sermon, the preacher pronounced "Baal" as "ball."  Finn, without missing a beat said, out loud, "it's pronounced "Baal" (bail). Finn didn't even look up as he said it - he just shook his head - back and forth. 

After church we all went over to Laura and Johnny's for lunch.  Kara and Nathan had made pulled pork.  It was so good! The meal started with Bruce blessing the food and ended with Tracey's Key Lime pie.  I really had a fun time hanging out with everyone.  We sat around the table and talked for a couple of hours while the kids played in the basement and Will slept in the crib upstairs in Kara's old room.  It was a really great Mother's Day. 

Will and Mark hit it off!

Some how or another Finn broke his cast - so we cut the thumb piece off. 

Sam and Bruce.