Last Day in the Keys

On our last day we woke up early and met everyone for breakfast at "Blue Heaven."  It is an outdoor breakfast spot famous for their pancakes.  It definitely lived up the hype. 

After breakfast Michael, Zac, Emily and I walked back to the hotel and spent out last day at the beach.  Around midday we hunted for shells to bring back to the kids. 

That evening we went out for dinner at an Italian restaurant on Duval street.  On the way back we took a look at the side view mirror on the rental car. Zac was sure that it had been swiped by a bicycle.  Emily assured him that the mirror was made that way.  Long story short - Emily was right. It was a glorious moment. 

Next we all went back to our hotel to take in the night.  We sat in front of the fire pit on outdoor couches and talked until well after dark. 

Here we are taking advantage of someone else's wedding venue.