These two boys love each other so, so much.  They are best friends, tag team partners, and gang up together to challenge the "powers that be" (Me and Michael) on a regular basis.

But as close as Finn and Sam are, they are still brothers and, as brothers, they fight with each other, antagonize each other and compete with each other. Case in point:  On Monday night we went to the "Lost Cajun" for dinner.  In an attempt to disturb as few people as possible, we decided to sit outside.  They have a great little fenced in eating area complete with sidewalk chalk.

While waiting for their food, Finn and Sam engaged in a rousing game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

In this picture, Finn has won and knows that he has won.  Sam has yet to come to that same realization. 

Here, is the moment where Sam understands that Finn has beat him. I saw it unfold.  Curious at to what Sam's next move might be, I kept the camera on him.

So what does "the defeated" do in response?  He exacts his revenge by attempting to kick Finn as hard as he can in the arm - the broken arm. I saw Sam rear that leg back, and stopped him before he could kick Finn.   I expected Sam to get annoyed and maybe whine a bit, but I did not expect Sam to kick Finn. "Self control" is one "fruit" that Sam has yet to master.   In Sam's defense though, Finn is an obnoxious "winner." And takes every opportunity to "passive aggressively" rub it in Sam's face.  

That same night was "family night" at the Lost Cajun, so Sam got his face painted. 
This has nothing to do with the theme of this blog, but this is what Finn does when I bring him to my office: He stamps his entire body with the office  "received" stamp.